Sunday, November 15, 2009


I define human actions, future events, and chains of consequences. I see through hearts and minds, and i weave upcoming occurrences through the fabric of human interdependence. I send notions into action, and I choose the path of the universe itself. I am destiny.

I am the boundary of the vast unknown and life. I send souls to rest, and I pick dying candles into the places where they are headed to. I am a simple and timely visitor, yet my realm is hidden until I come. The living fear me, but the wise understand my existence. I am death.

I float in the world of possibilities. In the merging of minds through the slumber of should I create oracles and visions and phantoms of what can be. The endless labyrinth of alternate realities slip through my hand, as the sands of fantasy linger and disappear with waking. I am dream.

I am the icon of reality, as things created disappear. All of the universe are in constant change as I choose new forms soon to prevail. Humans loathe me, yet I maintain existence through the balance of movements. With my sill things perish, yet this simply makes room for the new. I am destruction.

Fires are my favourite, as I kindle spirits and put motion into human live. I am purpose, I am reason, I am the essence of humanity. With my will the world is under my control. I flow through the innermost chambers of one's heart, as I give meaning to life itself. I am desire.

I am eternal pain, I am suffering itself. I am the darkest entity of intelligence. I look out of mirrors of the unlucky, of the oppressed, and of the lonely. I cut off trees of alternate realities, as I block the paths of dilemma and create blank stares of disillusionment. I am despair.

I live by myself, as people think they do. I am the chaos of logic, the order of randomness. I am chance inside the unrestricted mind, as I dance in the vast skies of the unbounded consciousness. I am loss of control, I am the speeding kite in outer space. I am delirium.

Will, existence, reality, substance, hatred, hope, sanity, the governing aspects of the human mind at hand. Anthropomorphic metaphors of universal themes, they are the endless beacons of the conscious existence. Each with eternal power and unbounded obligation, the symbols now speak and reveal a message.

Will you bow down and be our servant, or face our challenge and be our heir?