Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Letter from Pisay

Dear children,

I am writing to you a feedback about what you have just recently been. Remember what I tell you always: 'feedback is the breakfast of the champions'. And yes, we should not be victims but instead victors of circumstances!

Seriously my child, why do you grumble? I have heard so much of that since you were first year, during those days when I rigorously train you with the lab reports and quizzes an research papers that I required often; but why are you still deeply troubled with what I am? Time and time again I have told you that you will appreciate in the future what I have done for you, but you still are ashamed of me? I have exhausted my resources trying to teach you with what I could, and I stood against constant budget cuts and got money from innumerable sources just for your sake, yet you label me corrupt. I have approved myself by setting high enough standards for the faculty and staff that I am, yet you still criticize me as incompetent, and sometimes labeled harsh. I have required you only very minimal things (even the 2 year service I have abolished just for you) in exchange of the precious things I gave you, yet you still complain at what I require you. And now, my dear child, now that you are basically free from my more rigid restrictions you continue criticizing me? I have endured all those mentioned, but have accepted it and could have lived peacefully with those burdens in my heart; but this I cannot withstand: that you strip me in front of the crowd, burn me with the flame I once kindled, and mock me with the words I once sharpened. Why have you turned against me? why have you forgotten what I have done for you? You are blaming me for the person that you are now? Look at yourself! Did I mold you to be such? Did I distort you to become a monster of my own peril? No! Since when did I forget to emphasize the social sciences, or the arts perhaps? I have given high distinctions to those who excel in these fields; I have ensured that clubs for the right-brained people are present and active for their sake; and I have retained so many teachers that are adept at these fields. I have produced painters and philosophers and artists alike! Just like you, dear writer! Or did you forget your most basic lesson? Have you forgotten the art of thinking before acting (or, perhaps, writing), of trying to find the objective truth through tests? Scientific method, young child! And you are talking about sociology, right? Why do you blame an institution with “burning” its constituents when each one has a self, a dynamic self which Nietzsche says can recreate itself? And besides, you could have enrolled in another academe if you really disliked me or science (it's clear, Philippine Science High School).

One word: chill! Do not be so rash with life, my dear student. Though I do not mean to say that you must discontinue being an active citizen, a little moment of pause is needed so that one's logic can work properly. Again, I shall say: that in you – in your generation – rests the future of this nation. I trust in your excellent mind and pure heart. I believe in your capacity to be better. I just hope that someday – and it might be very soon – you still will be a good Filipino no matter what.



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