Thursday, October 15, 2009


                            Bowed down

                            Across the audience of the world

                            Declaring existence

It is I

        The I that speaks


            It spoke many times

            It breathed the marred air

            And talked itself

    It has been with the world

                - it is one with it

    It is one with humanity

    And the unity of entirety

                            It speaks in behalf

        Of itself

                            It speaks of the goodness of life

“The gift bestowed upon man

Gratefulness, gratitude, silence


    It is impossible to separate unity

    Yet it is unpredictable to meet diversity

Grateful of the




The impossibility of existence with absence”

    And it speaks

                            On how others provide

                            Each and every need

            The nurturing and caring and support

            The first shards of loyalty

            The bonds through mere fun

            The roots of common interest

            The shared identity

            The interaction

            The opportunity to know

                Self and self-sacrifice

The chance to be



Bitz Bitoy said...

wow, it's almost like a spiritual e.e cummings poem (look up his poems, they're great).

niera dizon said...

happy birthday kent!!! :D

Tara Therese Catotal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENT!!!! --from me and Anna :D