Sunday, February 28, 2010


Chains of trouble that bind the heart to the depths of despair, vanish!

Totally painful. It is very painful to face a crisis alone. The crushing weight of the problem seems impossible to resolve in the absence of a friend. It is too lonely.

When can man say that his companion is a friend? When there's concern. When there's sincerity. When there is a yearning to listen and empathize, not just empty words of unneeded advice.

Of course, every human being has the capability to think. No one is truly stupid in  its own sense. Each person knows what his actions mean, or that there is a purpose to it. Even the purpose of not having a purpose is a purpose in itself.

Well then, why do so many people misjudge others, why do they talk, preach, and even rebuke when what one needs is a listening ear and a pure willingness to embrace the problem as if it was their own?

Most especially, why do humans correct the mistakes of others that they themselves commit? Why are they trapped in constant hypocrisy in commanding things they never do? It is a pity that the eye cannot see itself.

And it is a pain that some friends never truly understand the big picture.

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