Thursday, July 1, 2010

Solace at Solstice

I mourn for the soothing wind,

It is lonely, and will always be

I mourn for those who never sinned

Mercy they will never see

I mourn for the early sun,

It gives light but unto itself

I mourn for all the things undone

Like old, unopened books on shelf

I mourn for the radiant sky,

It can never touch the ground

I mourn for those who wish to fly

They get lost; they're never found

I mourn for the evening star,

Or what remains of its past light

For what turns sweetness into sour

Or day into the night

I mourn for the comet's tail,

It will never return

I mourn for the weak and frail

Their strengths society spurn

I mourn for the midnight moon,

It is the sad reflection of humanity

The widow, the orphan, the dead, the loon

Oppressed by hostile insanity

I mourn for those who always mourn

They do for mourning's sake

For with the truth we are reborn

A banquet, we partake.

1 comment:

ton rivera said...

There is a beauty in sadness here. Hello, Kent. :)