Monday, September 5, 2011

Foolish Words

Tonight I write the saddest lines
As reality sets in
The darkened sky finally envelopes
An illusion sun of despair
With a broken heart that was mended in tears
The eye cannot betray
For even the most deceitful smile
Can never hide the grief of a dying love

Tonight I reflect upon a sadder moment
The loneliness of a poor man
Attached to the fleeting security
Of a dwindling finance
And the fictional stronghold of friendship
Where social security provides happiness
But strips people naked

This evening I am moved by grief
Of every grievance that existed
As the tears of heaven and earth meet
And collide in the fusion and fission of stars
A wonderful sight
A beautiful lie

Tonight flowery words come out of a fool's mouth
The pathetic person's mind whose sense of importance is stubborn
Battling for its wounded pride
And dying self-esteem
He thinks of nothing else but stupidity
Cares of nothing else but self-gratification
Needs nothing else but the acceptance and appreciation of others
Drowns himself in the fantasies of a non-existent love
Where he explores the labyrinth of possibilities
Which are impossible
He lives in the past, in the fiction, in dreams, in the mythical world
But in the real world he is but a miserable man
Behind a mask of pretence
And a reputation of a non-entity

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