Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So many megastructures exist in the Philippines, and no country might ever surpass it.

1. Pasig River
The waters of this very first artificially-colored and artificially-odored body of water has very subtle hues of brown and black, artistically dotted with blue, red, and green plastic containers...

2. Manila Bay
This is one of the most serene bays in the world, with a distinct fragrance that invites us to stay there for a moment longer. It is the first site where a sunscreen of very pleasant aerosols produce the most outstanding sunset in the world.

3. Payatas Smokey Mountains
True enough, it is the artificial replica of the American counterpart of the same name. It is also the most expensive, costing a billion million pesos of waste food, paper, and other ordinary materials.

To be continued...

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Bitz said...

I've been to Manila Bay

and, yeah kaganda ng sunset...

sana, ipasulat tayo ng ganitong klaseng feature ni mis pam.^^