Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Serious Problem

There is a serious topic I want to discuss, and a very sensitive one, so readers please engage too.
The world is slowly degrading, and we know it in many aspects. Environmentally, there's pollution. Chemically and physically, entropy increases. A more serious thing, however, is the degradation of our morals.
Particularly, I talk about sexuality.
According to the Bible, God created man and woman. By the turn of the new civilization, however, which I call the modern civilization , there came the "middlemen", the homosexuals. May it be lesbianism or bisexualism or being gay, it is a contemporary issue that was not present in the old times. It was thus judged to be unnatural, strange, and downright disgusting.
And I agree.
Indeed, violent reactions may be harbored from this, but I am just trying to state my point; and may you please understand it first.
One thing that sets apart the homosexuals from others is their unproductive activity (and I'll tell it straight, they have sex without producing babies). I define homosexuality as doing sexual practices with the same sex (thus, I exclude the "gays" who are, frankly, "virgins"). Obviously, it is not logical for something to happen between the same gender, right? And the sin is more hideous for the promiscuous homosexuals. Look, it is obvious that having coitus outside the boundaries of marriage (and I mean normal, male-female marriage) is a sin, and those who refute are simply out of the question. God regards marriage as sacred, as "two people become one flesh" through it. Why desecrate what is so holy? And if someone asks 'why care about God' try to ask yourself if God exists, if He really created you, if it is a good thing to not acknowledge Someone who created you (and you know it deep down; if God doesn't exist, why do you know His name in the first place? someone mentioned it? who said it to them? and a cycle which ends in 'who told the very first people about God?).
Now, the homosexuals are asking for human rights. Yes, I won't refute their being human, but they seriously are a population that needs help. Why? They are sinners! They are misguided, and psychologically they need some guidance (sincere guidance). And there's more: some are asking the church to let homosexuals be priests. This is ridiculous! And they were complaining, saying that they were robbed of their rights. The Pope answered it with God's great wisdom, and with such clarity that noone needs to refute it:
"It is not a question of the church's will, but it is a question of God's will"
Hope I made my point clear.


milaanaestrella said...

point highly taken. :)

Bitz said...

See, I don't wanna discriminate or anything.

Gay people are still human beings.

So, that must mean they have a sense of right and wrong, as well as a choice.

So, they could choose to succumb to their hormones, or fight the unnatural.

Well, whether or not they go to hell if the former happens, it's not my business as of now.