Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ode to Reason

The grief of defeat

 the tragedy of a loss

of the self

of the being

of the seed of existence

an extinguishing smoke

that clouds reason and entity

but, alas, unclear logic!

that cannot be

though sorrow that is not befitting

a life that one should not expect

lowly, one has lived

and humbly one must perish

in reminiscing events that

did not even happen under one's sight

yet is deeply engraved in one's heart

the death of the bogus master

he who does not even exist

nor, if he did, would not recognize one's personality

and the attachment altogether

yet one still dreams of living

beside the light of justice, the exalted character of logic

and yet a mere acquaintance one isn't even considered

for one sees, yet does not exist in that world

or vice-versa

the tragic event, thus, will be of no use

and it merely will be a part of a repertoire

of the thousands of fables and tales heard of

but deep within the chambers of emotion

the relationship exists

and one can feel the vibrations

the echoes of an ideal

typified by an ideal character

oh, machine of logic

oh, servant of justice

the masses are to see what is that they would be

and one becomes part of the looking audience

yet one longs to be a friend, or a student of this master

yet that would be illogical

and contrary to everything indeed!

then one should say, to the least,

that one is satisfied with everything

that one believes in the Perfection

which gives rise to the satisfaction

and is woven further by threads of the reasonable

then one should devote oneself to Perfection

that one becomes a servant and disciple

then, one would acquire the virtues of the master

and of the Higher Master

though to speak of the former is to allude of the Latter.

For justice and reason one will live!

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Mila Polinar said...

T.T nosebleed. love the depth.