Monday, August 31, 2009

Catharsis of July

The melancholy of a broken spirit
That shattered across the  desolate space
Of bitterness and cruel hatred
Of the evil blood moon that howls
At the putrid air of degradation
The vile corruption of the black river Nile
The tainted Euphrates from pandemonic Eden
The fiery blaze of hell's return
The eyes of the devil's advocate
Piercing the shield of human dignity
Destroying all worth
Fouling all value
Devastating the land of grace, of bliss
Capped anxiety, hug me tight
Suffocate me in your sorrowful spite!

The death of the wretched is the wealth of the world. To keep upon the light is to burn the body into ashes. The unbroken  chain of evil, released at the beginning, is nothing but a jail for the crudeness of life. The ability to do is the intuition to think of what would happen moments and millenia after.  The propagation of action is a continuous flow of what has been and what could not be  in the reference frame.  The flow of time  is the movement of the soul across the boundaries of physical and invisible, exerting upon the entropy of the universe a force that is opposite yet unequal. The fire which gives life to people is a power that drives perpetuity into place, moving the gears of luck, destiny, chance and probability. The world is full of what the mind can perceive, and this in itself is magic.

There is a death that kills the whole existence of what can exist, and it is that which consumes the desire of life for its perpetuation. The death resides in the gradual ceasing of the flame, which burns down into ashes and becomes the barren dust of chaos and nothingness. The inorganic world would continue to degrade without purpose and without essence, and total annihilation even of the reason to exist would happen. Thus there would be no world, no sky to look out upon the black empty space of negative identity...which would bring the catastrophe of the known universe. There would be a self-consuming event that crashes all matter into itself for the lack of repulsion between differences of identity, and matter disappears. There would be darkness. There would be chaos. There would be light.

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