Thursday, August 6, 2009


A million occurrences every second hit the history database. Billions of people, trillions of point of views, each moment reaps a multifaceted diamond of memory, bound to be kept or ignored 'til dusted. The jewel maker is unceasing, operative despite decay and entropy; in fact, both act as cogs for the perpetual motion machine of the ethereal verse. Yet this orrery is immaterial, lacking structure and tangibility; it is fluid. Thus the idiosyncratic vision shapes the machine itself, and the machine takes its own form. And every form of the billions of visionaries


What is the purpose of the event maker? Or should it be the memory factory? Within the fabric of synthetic interactions lies the commanding official, the master to which history is a slave of. Whims of whimsical creatures, insights of the gifted, all occurrences become the sugar and spice of a melting pot of differences. Plurality of opinion carves the eternal space-time continuum, and the random probabilities create a balancing nature in the products. It is never random, however, as the human entity is but a singular organism. Thus cavities and protrusions give patterned sculptures, humanoid and eccentric, outstanding in its own sense.

And flawed, in a general sense.

Humaneness has always upheld unity despite diversity, the electric impulse among the sea of particles. It resists erosion, defies chaos and recreates the universe into the valid. It is, however, of a pooled consciousness with a common linkage and a shared administration. This creates a vacuum of vulnerability, as internal corruption could simply reverse its goals its goals without any of its parts noticing. The majority effect can allow error overrides, and in no time the essence of humanity can destroy itself.

Once destroyed, harmony is at last achieved.

Or is it?


niera dizon said...

wala akong naintiindihan.. your thoughts or maybe just the way you interpret them are way beyond my comprehension.. grabe.. parang mixture ng bio, chem, at physics..

paolo espinosa said...

So..uhm..anarchy is the key to universal harmony? WAHAHA nice post as always kahit di ko alam kung tama pagkainterpret ko. idol

William Buhian said...

Of course continuities are as important as - if not more than, contingencies. For where would one put the wrinkles and the cavities and protrusions without anything smooth to act contrapuntally?

P. Bear