Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Epitaph to Joy

The sadness that could envelope any glimmer of hope has dawned. Seeping through the soul. Stealing the lifeblood from each facet of this gem. Worthless, the gem has become another ordinary stone across the road. Lost value, lost substance, no one has ever thought that trans-substantiation could exist in humans as well. Or is this degradation, corruption of what was potentially beautiful? Shame, such shameful existence in the shameful universe of shameful beings. What is being something? Will it ever justify the existence of such a useless squander of matter? Such crap lying around, bequeathing ugliness to the grand mosaic. Why should such unpleasant things happen to what was just dormant? It never really asserted itself, it never really showed of, it never was outstanding, yet it is the one chosen by the devil to become his. Why should evil want to take over something that never was of value in the first place? Have they become foolish enough to take what was not useful to them? Tongues of flame devour this pitiful creature, the blanket of despair burning each and every aspect of it. The creature doesn't fade away, the creature does not burn out due to its encasement of what could be called life. Thus it is left bearing the tortures of its own, never to see happiness yet never to bid pain goodbye. The torments of the cruel world simply crushes the tiny value it could have, and it is left with nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

The loss of the meaning of life. What am I living for? Apologies to everyone for the worthlessness, and for the trouble that the worthless has done in such a way that everyone would exert the effort of being concerned. Sorry.

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