Friday, February 20, 2009

Stars in the Sky

Stars and sky
looking up
facing God
and His face
looking through
seeing with
knowing what
or when or
why; question
seeking in
the life, of
yourself; you
you who lives
in you, who
is yourself
staring at
the mirror
of the me
that they see
but who is
me? the me
that I know
is it still
me? the me
that they know
is it me?
Who is me?
Thinking of
thinking that
thinking is
thinking which
thinking would
think of. Me
or the stars
and the sky
it is not
it is like
thinking, for
thinking is
thinking that
thinking is
thinking for
the thinking
of thinking
and I am
I who is
the I that
I am, as
I see it
or they see
for what they
see is not
what they see
but it is
what I see
that they see
and this I
who sees what
they see, and
knows what they
see as what
I see on them
is the me
that resides
outside all
not reason
no logic
can ever do
can ever reveal
can ever excise
this self and the selves of others
that sees what others see
as I see them, or
sees me as what
all others see
as what I see them to see me
no other reason
except for itself
and that is Him
within us
where all our hope resides.

I am who He sees me to be.

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