Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sonnet 16: La Vita Circulare

the newborn sun has come to take its place
and reclaim its throne from such aweful darkness
ugly to behold, yet cunning in its ways
the night has deceived the world
but now it never will
to pierce the eyes of judgement
that was sharpened by darkness itself
it is nearly as cunning, and doubly protected
for through the impenetrable cloud of black
shines forth a single star
and then another
and then the next one
until the sky is sprinkled with them
of light
of rays of perseverance
that brings forth joy
and brings about change
and asserts hope

For there was no one who sees through
There could be no one who'd achieve
Yet everyone, within them, drew
And everyone in each believes
The soul of souls that give what is life
And that which decides its own course
The union of substance and disarray of strife
The contemplator of happiness and remorse
This, and existence in itself undeniable
Yet still seeking self-approval
Is this quintessential; is value dependable?
The vanity of this world consequential
And so humanity on imperfections live on
'Til the final moment of the Easter dawn