Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentines. Why is it on February 14? Why does everyone call it “love's” day?

Crush. Why do people think of them during Valentine's day? Why are people ashamed of telling their crushes?

Gifts. Why do they give gifts to their crushes? Why do they do it secretly?

Roses. Why do people buy roses during Valentine's day? Why do they bloom only on that day?

Red. Why are roses red? Why is Valentine's day red?

Chocolates. Why do they give chocolates to girls? Why does chocolate taste sweet on Valentine's day?

Sweet. How do we know some thing's “sweetness”? How are people, and people's girl crushes, sweet?

Girls. Why are people spending so much of themselves trying to “get” a girl? What is “getting” a girl?

Date. Why do people go out on dates during February 14? How does it “get” a girl? Why does it have to be “romantic” and “intimate”?

Romance. Why is love a Roman thing? How would romance be in another world's perspective?

Intimate. What is the reason for the “closeness” that people want with a girl? What will this “closeness” lead to?

Courting. How do boys and girls fall in love? Why do they have to “court” in order to get in love?

Relationship. What is a relationship? Why wouldn't it last these days?

Hands. Why do people hold each other's hands during Valentine's day? Why do they do it often?

Kiss. What is with the touching of the lips that binds two souls together? Why is it pleasant?

Love. How does one love?

A fleeting passion
What do roses mean to you?
I love you is all.


maribeth mercado said...

naku ang "anak" ko,, haha napasmile naman ako dito kent.. iba ka tlga. :)

Bitz Bitoy said...



Niiiiiiice title, kent....^_^

Mariel Betaizar said...

kent, anong Lyn?

Kurosaki Ichigo said...

girlaloosh mo yan